Trinity Film Company has now evolved into Aelixir Media

Welcome to the Trinity Film Company


Our passion is films, and our aim is to nurture raw creative talent

and local,  grass roots film-makers from all walks of life

and diverse backgrounds to create unique films. 


          About us

Born in 2013, Trinity Film Company is an independent film company based in Bradford, the UK's first and only City of Film.


A trio of friends, Atif Mir Hussain, Sohail Abraham Ahmed, and Mirza Burhan Ahmed merged their passion for films, acting and writing to construct a platform for creative expression.

Short Films - Corporate Films - Documentaries



Our aim is simple... to make films.


We work alongside and support local artists of any background and skill level to create films that leave an impact.


If you have a subject you are passionate about, love films, and have what it takes in film-making, regardless of level of skill and experience, we want to hear from you.  Get in touch and let's make films!

The End Of The Beginning


A comedy thriller with a psychic twist...



28nd February 2019



A psychological horror short starring Atif Mir Hussain



2nd February 2019


The Top 5 Film Show


The 2019 Oscar Predictions



Brought to you by Atif Mir Hussain 


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